How to Create Lifestyle and Financial Freedom in 3 to 5 Years or Less – the StreetSmart Marketing Story

Over the last 8 years StreetSmart Marketing has helped 2,837 business owners live better, more rewarding and financially stronger business lives.

This experience has taught us certain business success principles and systems, which, if you observe them will increase your chances of success too…

StreetSmart Marketing is renowned as the #1 resource for marketing training and business development in Australia.

Our goal is to help you create the greatest amount of profit in the shortest time, with the least amount of effort, risk, and outlay.

If you own (or are about to own) a small to medium sized business and want to operate it more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably, then you’ve come to the right place.

Created by Australia’s “Millionaire Maker” Mal Emery and serial entrepreneur, Ian Marsh, StreetSmart Marketing provides a guaranteed mechanical process for entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve financial and lifestyle freedom in 3 to 5 years or less.

At the heart of our clients’ success is the powerful combination of a complete done for you business and marketing program, and our cutting edge education and training.

Not only do business owners receive the most powerful online and offline lead generation and conversion systems, but they are on a continuous journey of structuring their business so they can “cash out” to their ultimate buyer, within 3 to 5 years.

Meet the creators


Ian Marsh, Managing Director

An electrician by trade, Ian has spent 15 years in the trenches and built 5 multi-million dollar businesses, both traditional and online.

It wasn’t until 2006 he consulted to his first client, a friend who was about to lose everything. From this humble beginning Ian created a trade-based coaching program, which in just 12 months became the largest and most successful of its kind.

Seeing the life-changing effect this had on people’s lives, Ian then committed to showing other business owners how to create success.

To date, every business owner that has worked with Ian in his high end coaching program and executed his strategies have achieved at least a 250%- 400% improvement in their company.

He is not a Harvard trained, MBA holding academic. He has gone through the school of hard knocks and experienced nearly every high and low you could have in business. As a result, he has become Streetsmart.

Ian is passionate about helping any business owner serious about their success achieving financial and lifestyle freedom in 3-5 years or less


Mal Emery,(The Millionaire Maker)

It’s been said his rolodex is a who’s who of business contacts and he’s just one phone call away from connecting to just about anyone in the business world.

An hour 1-on-1 with him is like a lifetime of business education crammed into 60 minutes.

Mal is one of very few people who have mastered the “art” of analysing a business problem, flipping it around and turning it into a money making opportunity, as his many now financially free clients will attest.

Without a doubt one of the most respected business and marketing minds in Australia, Mal Emery boasts nearly 40 years in business and has generated tens of millions of dollars for himself and his clients.

A multi-bestselling author, speaker, consultant, and online and offline multi-millionaire in his own right Mal has won national recognition for his “street smart” money making strategies, helping people in dozens of different industries to turn their businesses into money making machines.

The successes Mal has created for some of his corporate clients, like “Blue Steel Boots” and innovative Hair Loss Solutions and “everyday” small business owners that then went on to be major players have been impressive and many, and have earned him substantial sums of money, recognition and celebrity.