Are you taking a leap this year with online marketing strategies?

Most business owners understand the importance of being online – But very few know effective online marketing techniques and they struggle to get results

If you blindly leap in to online marketing you could just be finding another black hole for your money to disappear into.

Most businesses with a website will tell you they get customers from their website, but what they don’t appreciate is that those customers probably would have come to them anyway. Regardless of how well their website is designed, it is probably only being found by people looking specifically for that product or service.

Usually when we conduct an analysis of the search engine results for a business, we find them ranking only in keywords that contain their specific business or product name.

In other words, their website inquiries are really only referrals or repeat customers using the internet instead of the white pages.

Online marketing can be cost effective:

Online marketing strategies can be 62% cheaperOnline inbound marketing, (where you post interesting, informative material that leads people to enquire) is 62% cheaper than traditional outbound marketing, (advertising in newspapers, Yellow Pages etc.)

That’s an incredible cost saving for any business, but you must do it properly to reap the rewards.

It’s important to note that we don’t advocate dropping your offline marketing completely – some offline marketing techniques can be very cost effective with a high rate of conversion. Just review your offline marketing and reduce or eliminate those high cost activities that don’t bring you a return, focusing instead on effective, direct response offline marketing techniques coordinated with your online activities.

Beware of Online SEO Predators

Beware of Online SEO PredatorsAlmost everybody who has a website has been approached by online predators. These are the SEO experts – people who used to make a fortune helping people cheat Google results. When Google implemented the technology to detect this cheating and exclude people using it from search engine results, tens of thousands of websites disappeared from search engine results overnight and the SEO industry found themselves largely unemployed.

They have desperately tried to reinvent themselves and get new business by preying on uninformed business owners. Their approach is to send an email praising the website, but adding “it is not getting much traffic” and with their services of course, that could be greatly increased.

Regardless of how clever their new methodology, any results you get from these marketing techniques will only be short term, until Google again finds a way to disqualify them.

One thing you must understand about online marketing is that you cannot cheat your way to the top. There is no shortcut or magic bullet – online marketing is really about getting your story out there in an honest and open way. It is about engaging prospective customers and clients and leading them through a process to the sale.

This can be done through well written informative content, videos, interaction on social media or webinars, or better still, a combination of all these elements.


Peer endorsement rules the internet!

Peer Endorsement Rules the InternetSince Google came on the scene, search results have been about peer endorsement. Google’s backlink algorithms were all about endorsements from other sites – each link counted as a vote. 

Lately with the data that comes from website analytics and users logged in to Google accounts, a different kind of peer endorsement has begun to dominate the search engine algorithms. Visitors are voting with their behaviour on a website – the amount of time they spend on a website after clicking keywords and the number of them who leave after viewing the home page (bounce rate).

Simply, Google wants to give users the best experience possible – give them interesting and informative websites on the subjects they are searching for, so that they keep coming back.


This is what you want for your business too

There is really no point attracting customers or clients with false expectations, coming from the wrong searches anyway – You’ll get a lot of traffic, but no inquiries and no business!

What the internet has done is to remove the veil from businesses. People have so much information at their fingertips: about you, about your competitors and the products and services you represent. You have to be completely transparent to continue getting business online. No scam artist or crook can survive online for very long.

People shop around online – in fact they even do it while they’re in your store. In the US, 40% of smartphone owners compare prices on their mobile device while they are in-store, shopping for an item.

Doing the right thing by customers and clients has never been more important. Traditionally, it’s been accepted that a dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their experience. Now they will create a review that all your potential customers or clients can find online. They will tell the world.


So what are the best online marketing techniques?

Online marketing is about more than just throwing up a website and doing some Adwords advertising. It is about engaging your potential clients or customers and leading them to a sale. It is about being interesting and informative, open and accountable.

It is about keeping them informed, through your website, through social media and through emails, keeping your product or service ‘Top of Mind’ so when people are ready to make a buying decision, they are thinking of you!

Online marketing is also something you should not learn by trial-and-error. Mistakes can be more than costly. They can be up there forever, for the whole world to see.

In today’s fast-changing business climate, the future of your business depends on your ability to effectively market it online.


Learn These Principles Before You Start

Any good marketing plan or strategy must have a good foundation. A set of principles and techniques that allow you to build goodwill in the marketplace and use that goodwill to keep business flowing in. Use these pillars to turbocharge any strategy you have for massive, lasting results!

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