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Take the test below and we will help you find the hidden profits in your business. We need your help...

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Take the test below and we will help you find at least $30,000 in your business.

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Streetsmart Marketing
Streetsmart Marketing


Have you been in business longer than three years?
Do you have an effective online lead generation strategy?
Do you have an effective offline lead generation strategy?
Are you comfortably making at least $200,000 a year?
Are you working less than 30 hours per week?
Could you fly to Fiji tomorrow and have a month long holiday?
Can you leave your business for extended periods of time?
Do you test and measure all of your marketing and advertising?
Is your business structured ready for sale?
Have you got documented systems in place for each process?
Do you have enough time to spend doing the things you love?
Do you have a good work / life balance with your family?
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